2020 – École de Bandoneon de Montreal

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In the authentic Argentinian style

This advanced program runs for 3 months. For experienced as well as professional musicians. More info to follow…

This course is an essential guide to the correct playing of the Argentine Tango.

Many people associate tango with the music of Astor Piazzolla, however, tango has a broader history which parallels the history of Jazz. Starting with small ensembles in the turn of the 20th century, it evolved into large dance orchestras of the 40’s. Today tango encompasses both an improvisational style called “a la parrilla” and modern concert arrangements of high complexity.

Tango is distinguished from other forms by its use of phrasing, articulations and accents to create rhythm without percussion.         

Although certain instruments are common in traditional tango, it can be played with all instruments if one understands the style.

The course is designed to learn how to play tango in small and large ensembles and can include Individual tutoring.

The following content will be covered:

  • Repertoire
  • Rhythms and accompaniments
  • Articulations
  • Phrasing
  • Arranging

Learn the bandoneon


This program runs for 3 months. More info to follow…

Master Instructor: Amijai Shalev

Amijai Shalev
Bandoneonist, Composer, Educator
Amijai Shalev, Bandoneonist, Composer, Educator
Conducting music classes January to April 2020.

One of those rare musicians in the bandoneon world who has broken out of the common tango mold to explore the full polyphonic and rhythmic potential of the instrument. Earning his degree from the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory of Buenos Aires in 2012, he studied under the tutelage of maestro Rodolfo Daluisio, the great pioneer of concert bandoneon.

Amijai has forged a career encompassing the full range of the bandoneon: from solo classical to orchestral works, from tango to heavy metal compositions. Notable highlights include performing as a soloist in the world premier of “Fiori Musicali for Bandoneon and String Orchestra” Opus 131, no.3 by Rodolfo Daluisio at the Artes Vertientes Festival in Brasil, in the piece “Summer Band” by Daniel Teruggi at the first festival of Electro-acoustic Music in Buenos Aires, soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony and bandoneon solo concerts at the University of Toronto and Cornish School of Arts (Seattle). He recorded and performed in several projects of contemporary tango, such as the Orquesta Diptica, Graciano4Cuarteto with whom he performed at the San Jose Jazz Festival.

Amijai has broad experience teaching in both Spanish and English he is currently teaching at the Buenos Aires Music Conservatory “Manuel de Falla”, J.P. ESNAOLA School of Music and conducts “Destaoriya” Tango student orchestra in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In 2018 he gave a masterclass for composers at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto, lectures at the University of Montreal and McGill, and in 2019 a workshop and concert at the University of Berlin.

Shalev is the creator of Bandoneon TV, the first youtube channel dedicated to bandoneon studies. Born in Canada to a Polish father and Argentine mother and raised in Israel, Amijai has resided in Buenos Aires since 2006.

Amijai Shalev is an engaging sensitive artist blessed with amazing technique , bellow control and interpretive insight . He understands the character of each composition he performs and utilizes the appropriate tonal variables & rhythmic stability . In addition to the wonderful performance , he is able to infuse explanations and insight into the works and the technical construction and challenges of the instrument . His knowledge coupled with his immense talent is rare & not to be missed if occasion arises

Joseph Macerollo O.C.

University of Toronto